Transcribing Hatch Patterns

.GIF transcriptions of AutoCAD hatch patterns

This is an ongoing series; this article will be updated through December 2010.



Paraphrased from found advertisement:
“The Hatch command in AutoCAD is the same feature as the ‘Fill’ command in other software; it allows you to fill an area very quickly with a premade pattern. It takes a certain level of expertise to create your own hatch patterns, so this premade library of AutoCAD hatch patterns will let you quickly get started adding beautiful fill/hatch patterns to your CAD design projects.

There are CAD hatch patterns for roofing materials, flooring, siding, and landscaping.

Materials include: tile, asphalt, wood, slate roof shingles, wood lattice, and chainlink fence, brick patterns, concrete block patterns, wood grains. natural stone materials, stone, riverrock, gravel patterns, wood parquet patterns, concrete, textured, stippled hatch patterns, water, siding, steel tread plate, glass, granite, gravel, lava, coal, chalk, fossil, gypsum, shale, soil, limestone, marble, and quartz.”

Source image:


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