Artist In Residence–Ben Carney

Occlusion Studies


Occlusion Study 01 (Self Portrait)



This series of images examines the impact of our current internet media experience through abstraction and extraction of recognizable images into a now nearly universally familiar mosaic of recognizable and even iconic digital distortions.  The medium used in this series of images is essentially error, the same errors one might find viewing any online video material. Theses errors splinter, fracture and tear imagery apart, creating fractured digital rifts and a thick pixel mosaic through  corrupted video information

Untitled 2009 (Soft)

In this series, digital representations of human bodies are given flesh-like properties. Simulations of real world forces act upon them such as objects passing through them or an immense amount of gravity pressing down.



Stills from Nonmanifold_Mandible (2009)


Nonmanifold_mandible investigates loss of control over human emotions.
To parallel unreasonable human behaviours, control over a digital charachter’s facial expression is given to four channels of emotive audio, allowing for violent reactions and a loss of identity.
Many thanks to Vincent Houze for allowing me to borrow his brilliant code for this project.


Digital Video

2 minute loop


My work focuses primarily on giving up control to the medium that i work in. Currently, this medium is computer graphics. I aim to set up a system in where digital errors or distortions weave their own way into an image and take a portion of control over for themselves, much in the same way that a painter might allow their medium to take control over the creation of an image. My imagery is most exciting to me when it simultaneously balances on the edge of representation and abstraction, while conjuring up references to modern technologies and internet culture.


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