September Podcast


491.7 fm



shhh – Oval

01a – Skoltz_Kolgen

skumring – Elegi

codeine – jwaffer

daymare blues – fe-mail with Carlos Giffoni

cindy electronium – Raymond Scott

chair creaks, though no one sits there – David Toop

camp 3: neighbours on oxygen – Geir Jenssen

the dream-o-phone – Beequeen

magician – Andrew Anderson

(3:36) – Greg Davis & Zach Wallace

untitled – Geoff Mullen

rain on metal staircase – Matt Davies

he destroyed her image – Charles Dodge

among the many – Dale Lloyd

sonata for recorder and continuo in f,  op.1, no. 11 allegro (2) – Handel

pine tree in wind – Matt Davies

quest – MaCu

admiration of the rod – Beequeen

X2A3 – Anbis

Brahms mania – Oval

Appalachian grove I – Laurie Spiegel

Interbellum – Elegi

Dreaming (,,,again) – Polmo Polpo

Alone at last – Janek Schafer



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